How to Write a euthanasia Argument Essay

If you are planning to write an argumentative essay on euthanasia, you must be prepared with a good euthanasia argumentative essay introduction. This is the first part of your intellectual defense of euthanasia. The euthanasia argumentative essay introduction has to be able to defend the position of your essay in such a way that it convinces your audience of the correct position even before they start to read your piece. In addition, your euthanasia essay introduction should have a proper structure. The structure should include the title, thesis statement, the body of your essay, and finally the conclusion. One good euthanasia argumentative essay introduction starts with a summary of the whole argument. This can be done by first giving a brief description of euthanasia and what the issue is in the general case. Then your article continues with a short account of the philosophical underpinnings of euthanasia. The next step in your euthanasia argumentative essay introduction should give a clear picture of the philosophical arguments and their relationship to the issue of euthanasia. This can be done by writing the brief argument in a form of a question and then answering it. Your euthanasia argumentative essay should end with a strong summary of the issues covered in your article. The conclusion of your euthanasia argumentative essay should restate the main point of your essay in such a way that it completely nails down the pro and con of euthanasia. There are some writers who prefer to begin their essay with a thesis statement that outlines the main point of the entire essay. However, the fact is that the best euthanasia argumentative essay begins with a strong thesis statement. A euthanasia argumentative essay can be written in two different ways. One way is known as a ‘hard stance’, and this kind of essay relies heavily on hard facts to support your claim that euthanasia is the right thing to do. Facts like that a puppy is not a person, that animals feel no remorse in their actions, that listening to music reduces stress, that euthanasia is in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other similar facts. Facts like these are strong evidence in support of the euthanasia thesis statement. In contrast, a much weaker euthanasia argumentative essay relies on personal experience and the emotional component of the topic. When writing a euthanasia argumentative essay, you should always aim for power, precision and clarity. Power in this case refers to a clear statement that persuades the reader; precision refers to being thorough; and clarity is about presenting information in a simple, logical manner. Therefore, the first element you should consider in your euthanasia argumentative essay is accuracy. No matter what topic you are writing about, there will be people who disagree and will offer counter-claims, which are equally valid. Therefore, it is important that you are precise when documenting your arguments. If you take great pains in accurately describing your claim, you will have more credibility than those with less care. The next element you should consider in writing a euthanasia argumentative essay is precision. You should never oversimplify the subject; rather, you should provide enough information so that the average reader can draw the conclusion you want to reach. When it comes to writing about euthanasia, there are two opposing views, and you should use this to your advantage. The pro-euthanasia argument states that life is valuable and should not be terminated; whereas the anti-euthanasia argument says that life does not deserve any value; this is where your precision comes in. The euthanasia argument should be very clear and its claims should be supported by facts. If you fail to provide adequate supporting facts to support your claim, you could unknowingly support the euthanasia enthusiasts’ view. Your writing should also be direct and clear. Do not try to explain something to your readers using convoluted language. It is better to be direct and simple than it is to complicate things and leave your readers in the dark. When it comes to writing a euthanasia argument, you have to remember that it is not only about the issue itself but also how you express your opinions. Euthanasia is a controversial topic, and many individuals can be hostile to it. Therefore, you should consider how you will address any remarks and whether or not they will paint you in a negative light. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into a corner. If you are concerned that your comments could cause offence, then you may consider removing them from the article before submitting it for publication.