How to Analyse Essay

It is not always clear to a novice writer how to analyse essay. The academic essay form comes in various different formats. But the basic idea is the same. Analyze the information you have been given and use that information to support your argument in your essay. The topic of the essay, as well as its structure, are of utmost importance. For example, if you have been invited to write an essay on ‘The Benefits of Public Speaking’ you will need to define your topic and structure it properly. In the academic world this is called the topic of your essay. The topic of your essay will determine the structure of the essay. In this article we will look at some of the aspects of choosing the correct topic and format of your essay. One aspect of choosing a topic is the literature research you have already carried out. Do you have citations to support your argument? What academic terms or phrases do you use in your writing? What is the general opinion of your intended audience? These are all the aspects which may help you answer these questions and formulate a topic which will satisfy you as well as your intended audience. As we have seen the topic of an academic essay is very important in determining the shape and structure of the essay. However it is not enough just to choose a topic. You must choose one that has relevance with your topic of research. A relevant essay will be well constructed, contain proper organization and will make use of good essay structure. There are some things you should avoid in order to ensure a well-written academic essay. Word Usage – The use of too many or too few words can be fatal to your academic essay. The less the number of words used in your essay the better it will be for your essay. It will also require less time for the reader to digest. There is a fine balance between using a large word usage and not using any word at all. Topic Selection – There are some issues involved in choosing a topic of your essay. For example if you are writing about the use of a mobile phone in society you will have different problems from those dealing with space travel. In other words, you need to choose a topic which is more closely related to your topic of research. Structure of an essay – It is very important that you choose a proper structure for your essay. In other words do not write an essay which has no structure. Make sure that the structure is well defined and it ties your entire argument together. If you have a clear understanding of the structure of an academic essay then you can avoid problems such as word usage, grammatical errors and poor essay structure. The conclusion of your essay provides the conclusive point and is therefore extremely important in the overall approach to the essay. Conclusion – The conclusion is a weak point for many students. This is because they tend to use the weak points as a means to either get out of writing the essay or to postpone the essay itself. It should be strong and it needs to have a strong conclusion. The weak point of a conclusion should be used to either draw attention to an area of more interest in the essay or to summarize and tie up the essay. In academic writing it is extremely important that you use a strong conclusion. Furthermore, make sure that you use proper punctuation and grammar rules to ensure that your conclusion is valid and upholds the nature of your subject of study.